"I love Dr. Ojo-Carons, she is my favorite GYN. Very smart and friendly. I have been seeing her for about 3 years and she performed a surgery that I needed to have done."

Solutions for Pelvic Floor Disorders


The dedicated providers at EvoScient (evolving·science) Gynecology Center for Pelvic Health, PC, strive to use innovations in the “science of women” to optimize the lives of our patients.

We provide holistic care for women that is personalized to each patient and her needs. We offer respectful, leading-edge care in a comfortable environment. Make an appointment with us today.

Pelvic Floor No More? You Have Options.

Your pelvic floor has seen a lot. It’s been stretched and pushed throughout pregnancy and childbirth. It’s been sent through the ringer of aging. And all this can leave you experiencing pelvic discomfort, pain or even urinary incontinence.

But just because a lot of women experience these issues doesn’t mean it’s normal. You don’t have to live with pain or leakage or pelvic floor disorders. You can live a comfortable life where you don’t have to worry about the closest bathroom or going out for too long.

At EvoScient, our expert, board-certified OB/GYN offers the full spectrum of care for pelvic floor problems, from physical therapy to minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Ojo-Carons has years of experience caring for women and offers comprehensive solutions to pelvic floor issues. She’ll personalize your care for your body, your needs and your lifestyle.

You don’t need to feel discomfort during sex or leakage when you sneeze. Contact us today to learn how our pelvic floor specialists can help you.

Board-certified in gynecology, Dr. Ojo-Carons has dedicated her career to improving the way we think about women’s health.

Mary Ukpabi-Egbuniwe, family nurse practitioner, has cared for women for more than 20 years and strives to elevate the level of care all women receive.

Erin Glace, physical therapist, specializes in non-surgical treatment of women’s pelvic health concerns from incontinence to pain.