"Dr. Ojo-Caron's is very prompt. She gets directly to the point and is very honest. She answers questions and provides excellent follow up. She really is passionate about women's health and provides all options for care. I am so glad I switched doctors and found her."

V-Steaming Benefits


The dedicated providers at EvoScient (evolving·science) Gynecology Center for Pelvic Health, PC, strive to use innovations in the “science of women” to optimize the lives of our patients.

We provide holistic care for women that is personalized to each patient and her needs. We offer respectful, leading-edge care in a comfortable environment. Make an appointment with us today.

Make Life Extra Steamy

V-Steaming (also called Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming) is a spa day for your most sensitive areas and one of the most relaxing ways to take care of your Yoni. In just one 30-minute session, the gentle, warm steam and soothing herbs of V-Steaming can help you–and your vagina–feel less stressed and more energized.

Some women who use V-Steaming report that it helps to reduce menstrual symptoms – such as a decreased bleeding, reduced abdominal cramps, and even less bloating. While you shouldn’t get V-steaming while on your period, you can certainly reap the benefits in those crampy days leading up to your monthly visitor.

At EvoScient Gynecology Center, we believe that vaginal care is part of feminine self-care for every woman. Contact us today to learn more about V-steaming, or our other feminine treatments, in our relaxing, comfortable center.

Board-certified in gynecology, Dr. Ojo-Carons has dedicated her career to improving the way we think about women’s health.

Mary Ukpabi-Egbuniwe, family nurse practitioner, has cared for women for more than 20 years and strives to elevate the level of care all women receive.

Erin Glace, physical therapist, specializes in non-surgical treatment of women’s pelvic health concerns from pain to incontinence.